Shortly after birth, Jordan Harris was diagnosed with asthma. Her mother Deniqua Holloway hoped that her little girl would outgrow it with time. But Jordan, who is now 9, only got worse. Her condition was complicated by bouts with eczema. Then, two years ago, her asthma reached the point where she needed breathing treatments every two hours, asthma medication and shots.

Jordan is a patient of Cook Children’s Pulmonary department and thanks to routine treatments, her condition has improved. Her mother said it’s because of the staff of Cook Children’s Pulmonary department who provide care for children like Jordan with diseases and disorders of the pulmonary system.

“We go to Cook Children’s so much, they know us. I think they have a couple of rooms with our names on it,” Deniqua jokes at first, but then sincerely addresses the care her daughter has received. “Without Cook Children’s, sometimes I don’t know what we would have done.”

Deniqua calls her daughter a “strong kid” and a “fighter,” but she said Jordan’s disease still overtakes her and she has to visit Cook Children’s. Deniqua said her willingness to be with her daughter did not go over well with previous employers, and eventually led to her losing work.

Suddenly, Deniqua went from being employed to not being able to pay her rent. The economy made finding work even more difficult and before long, Jordan and her mother were living out of their car. Deniqua tried to keep it a secret, but out of concern for how the living arrangement would affect her daughter, she eventually told the staff. To her relief, she found the Pulmonary department gave Deniqua the same kind of compassion they have for her daughter. They gave her leads on jobs and helped her find computers to use to fill out applications. Through it all, the staff also worked with the insurance providers to make sure the family could pay for their visits.

“We went from riches to rags over night,” Deniqua said. “A lot of people have trouble surviving when something like this happens to them. Thank God we did. I thank him and the Pulmonary staff. They call and check to make sure everything is fine with Jordan. They just went that extra mile for us. And I can’t thank them enough for that.”

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