Asthma symptoms are an unfortunate fact of life for more than 6 million children in the United States. Children in our community ages 6-9 are three times more likely to have asthma than the average for that age group in the state of Texas. In our region, children ages 11-14, exceed both the state and national rates. Asthma causes problems ranging from nighttime coughs to asthma attacks, which can be life threatening. Between these extremes, kid with asthma can suffer from an exercise-induced cough and shortness of breath, limiting their ability to play outside or participate in sports.

In our latest podcast, Karen Schultz , M.D., explains ways to help your child live with asthma. Karen Schultz, M.D., is a pulmonogist at Cook Children’s. Dr. Schultz is a board certified pediatrician and a board certified pediatric pulmonologist.

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