It’s Valentine’s Day! A day dedicated to LOVE! So why do so many people dread February 14 like the plague? Could it be the intense commercialization? The pressure to pick the perfect Valentine’s Day card? Chocolate allergy?

Could it be at the root of that dread is fear, sadness or a feeling of being alone?

Every year I see children come into my office excited about Valentine’s Day. They tell me about the cards they are giving or about their class party. They bring me hand-drawn cards or give me a special hug.  And every year I see children come into my office sad because they do not have friends or they are getting bullied or their parents cannot afford to purchase Valentine’s cards for their classmates.

For these children, Valentine’s Day is just one more day to feel sad. One more day to feel alone.

Yesterday, I read about a boy named Colin.  He is a sweet little boy with disabilities who told his mom not to throw him a birthday party because he does not have friends. His mom started a Facebook page Happy Birthday Colin, so she could show him that people do care about him.  She started the page on February 10. As of when I write this, he has 1,825,000 likes. He has received an outpouring of love from around the world.  

I promise you there is a child just like Colin in your child’s life. A child that may be a little different. A child that other children will not play with. A child that sits alone at lunch and plays by himself at recess. A child that is dreading not only Valentine’s Day, but every day at school.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the Colins in our world were told how much they are loved? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could teach our children that EVERY day should be a day of love? That every day they can make someone feel cherished. Imagine the gift we would be giving them if we taught them to say to others “Be my friend!”

Let’s encourage our kids to have a Valentine’s Life, not just a day.

Hugs and kisses,

Dr Peak

Sandra Peak, M.D.,  joined Cook Childrens Physician Network in Lewisville in 2004. Dr. Peak enjoys gardening, yoga, and boating and in her spare time can be found at the lake with her husband Jay, stepson Sage and the world’s most amazing Lab, Sugar Mae.

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