That Caring VibeWhen my son Adan needed stitches after falling and splitting his forehead open on July 4, I was a nervous wreck. Although I work at Cook Children’s as a NICU nurse, I live in Dallas. Initially, I took my son to an ER closer to my house. But the moment I walked in, I did not feel the immediate caring vibe that I feel when I walk into Cook Children’s ER. So I left and went to Cook Children’s.

Considering the short time it takes me to drive to work, I felt that Cook Children’s would be a better place to bring my son considering his accident was not critical and I had sufficient time to drive him safely to Cook Children’s.

The moment I walked into Cook Children’s ER, the staff took my son to the treatment room and the caring, professional, kid-friendly staff that greeted and initially saw my son alleviated my nervousness. I never thought of being on the other side. As a NICU nurse, I know that having a sick child can be very emotional and you have to be strong for the child and family. But nothing compares to having your own child in the hospital and becoming the patient. Your nursing bravery disappears and tears of sadness overwhelm you when you see your own child crying of fear and pain.

And even though I may have to poke, stick and do uncomfortable procedures to other children, I could not bear to see my son getting stitched up and it was hard to watch him being restrained to help him keep still during the procedure. When there are caring and supportive nurses and staff to stand by your side it makes a world of difference. I am so grateful for all the ER staff did for my son and not to mention the royal treatment that Child Life personnel gave to make him smile. Now with more pride I can honestly say that Cook Children’s rocks! And I am not just saying that because I work here, but because they really do. Oh, and when they asked me,” Would you like to remove the stitches yourself in five days so you don’t have to drive him back to Cook Children’s,” I said no way!

Maria L Posada, RN

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